• End of an Era: DW SMITE 1

    End of an Era: DW SMITE

    Today, it is with a heavy heart we announce DW Smite’s, Rowe, Ochita, RichardCastle and kikiomeo have decided to step away from competitive SMITE…

    Fri 4th Aug 2017 - 9:37amRead More
  • Sybol Moves On 0

    Sybol Moves On

    Announcing the release of Lachlan "Sybol" Civil from our League of Legends team.

    Tue 28th Feb 2017 - 8:01amRead More
  • SMITE Roster Update 1

    SMITE Roster Update

    Heading into the fourth competitive season of Smite, LG Dire Wolves will be undergoing a few changes to the SWC roster.

    Tue 14th Feb 2017 - 9:30amRead More
  • Sharp Shooting 1

    Sharp Shooting

    Announcing the coach position of the 2017 OPL lineup will be filled by Curtis “Sharp” Morgan.

    Thu 19th Jan 2017 - 10:54amRead More
  • Shernfire  Rekindled 1

    Shernfire Rekindled

    Today, LG Dire Wolves reveals the addition of Shern “Shernfire” Tai to the League of Legends roster.

    Sun 15th Jan 2017 - 9:30amRead More
  • Wolfpack Returns to Smite 1

    Wolfpack Returns to Smite

    Today, LG Dire Wolves is excited to announce the acquisition of Team Pandamonium SMITE.

    Sun 11th Dec 2016 - 8:00amRead More